A Music Sampler
Year        Artist/Group                                Title                                                        Comment
09        Bob Hartig Quartet                       
Anthropology                                        Bob Hartig, Paul Lesinski, Ric Troll, Dave DeVos
09        Bob Hartig Quartet                       
09        Bob Hartig Quartet                       Have You Met Miss Jones?
09        Bob Hartig Quartet                       Softly as In a Morning Sunrise
09        Bob Hartig Quartet                       Stolen Moments
09        Bob Hartig Quartet                       Triste

08        Mike Dodge                                     Compadre (rehearsal)
08        Mike Dodge                                     
Promise (rehearsal)

05        Amy Young                                       
In the Quiet (clip)                              Written by Amy Young from "Subtle Changes In View"
05        Amy Young                                       
Crossroad (clip)                                   Written by Amy Young
05        Amy Young                                       
Words Cannot Express                        Written by Amy Young
05        Amy Young                                       
My Favorite Mistake
05        Amy Young                                       Take Me to the River
04        Rhythm Comedians                          Back to the Well                                 Freeform Improv
01         Rhythm Comedians                          
Sea of Rains                                       Written by Ric Troll
00        Rhythm Comedians                          
Murano                                                Written by Jeff Boughner
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