I'm also known as KF8QL, which is my amateur radio callsign.  Amateur radio (also called Ham Radio) is a combination of technical
aspects, and public service aspects.   I've always loved experimenting with electronics, and building things - amateur radio gives me
lots of fun in those areas.  I also enjoy volunteering for the Red Cross, and other organizations that need communication in times of
disaster.  The powerful thing about amateur radio in a disaster, is that we can operate without any infrastructure.  With a battery, a
radio, and a simple antenna, I can talk around the state, or around the world.
Antenna come in all
sizes.  On the left is a
my large antenna for the
HF radio bands covering
14-30MHz.  On the right
is my VHF tower which
has multiple antennas
covering 50-1200Mhz
Working at the Grand Rapids River
Bank run as a volunteer on the course
Radio Contesting as a Rover Station
in the 2011 June VHF Contest.
My Sept 2013 VHF Contest Rover Schedule - Please listen for me, and give
me a call on 144.230 SSB.